Cyclic steam scheduler

Optimize heat treatment operations in heavy oil reservoirs to enhance oil recovery by optimizing cyclic steam injection and improving engineer and operator efficiencies.


  • Increase oil production
  • Ensure safe operations
  • Enhance steam operations efficiency
  • Better informed engineers making smarter decisions
  • Management can overview critical functions


  • Data Analytics schedules wells automatically to maximize steam impact
  • Fully configurable scheduler
  • Engineers can request wells to be steamed
  • Supervisors can review and modify schedule before releasing to field operators
  • Engineers can mark wells unsafe for steaming
  • Task Management System keeps track of all activities by well
  • Integrates with other corporate systems such as LOWIS and Energy Components
  • Integrated operator tool to schedule and manage field work and field activities such as placing well On Steam and Off Steam
  • Supervisors can keep a pulse on the operations using fit for purpose Dashboards
  • Data Mining Tool provides scorecards that Supervisors can use to identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks in the system