ESP well optimization

Optimize ESP wells by finding exceptions based on analyzing real-time data and managing mitigation activities.


  • Increase production
  • Increase mean time between failures
  • Improve life span of ESPs
  • Enhance productivity of well operations group
  • Reduce downtime


  • Customizable Data Analytics using advanced mathematical models finds exception candidates
  • Task Management System keeps track of all activities by well
  • User can create work orders directly in external systems such as LOWIS, MAXIMO and EAM
  • Real-time Historian stores several years worth of real-time data collected from ESP controllers and downhole sensors
  • Supervisors can keep a pulse on the operations using fit for purpose Dashboards
  • A feature rich user interface shows large volume of real-time data in a single screen for users to analyze wells quickly
  • Integrated operator tool to schedule and manage field work