Bringing it all TOGETHER

Founded in 2007, Petrasoft applies targeted data mining and artificial intelligence to take process-data management to a new level. We bring our extensive experience to our mission of designing, developing, implementing, and supporting high-performance software solutions that make data work smarter.

Meet the Leadership Team

Ramesh Sivaraman established Petrasoft in 2007 to meet the needs of organizations seeking a new level of process-data management. During his tenure with CASE Services, Ramesh was one of the principal designers and developers of csLIFT/LOWIS, a software suite for production automation and optimization used by over 100 oil and gas fields to manage more than 100,000 wells in real-time. He holds a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Oklahoma State University and a Bachelor of Science from the Indian Institute of Technology.

John Fairbanks brings 18 years of software design and implementation for the manufacturing and process control industries to his work with Petrasoft. His extensive resumé includes senior-level development positions at Invensys, Aspen Technology, and PAS, where he served as architect for the Invensys Web Application Framework, three major AspenTech initiatives, and several key components of the PAS PlantState Suite. John holds an MBA from LeTourneau University and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematical and Computer Science from the Colorado School of Mines.