Custom Solutions

Petrasoft offers complete project lift cycle capability. We manage and execute all aspects of the project including business intelligence, software development, testing, deployment, and training for administrators and users. This means you can have the entire software solution built from scratch to your specific requirements and achieve your stated goals. Petrasoft has been successful in using the deep experience and skill set of its developers to create custom software solutions that have exceeded the expectations of our customers. The company's goal is to continue pushing the knowledge frontier and add value to customers’ businesses.


Petrasoft adopts an iterative and incremental methodology to develop the custom solutions. Iterative methodology ensures that the solution is built with continuous feedback from key users and other stakeholders during the development cycle. This enables customers to evaluate ideas, performance and user acceptance before implementing the solution. Thus, customers have full transparency into the solution being built for them. Incremental methodology ensures that the solution is a perfect match to the customer requirements at each phase. Thus, the solution can be deployed quicker resulting in faster payback and greater ROI to the customer.


Petrasoft provides Support and Maintenance after the solution has been deployed. Maintenance includes upgrades to the solution necessitated by changes in operating systems, external systems and corporate software standards.

Areas of expertise

Enterprise software:

Design, Architecture, Development, N-tier client/server and integration with other corporate products.


Database design and optimization, Analytics, Neural networks, HMI and Data mining.


Toughbooks, smart phones and tablets