Leveraged Solutions

Petrasoft leverages field proven components created in-house to develop powerful solutions that meet the specific business requirements of the customer. Use of the fully developed components benefits customers by reducing development time and reaching deployment phase sooner. The result is a solution rich in functionality built to the specific needs of the customer with lower total cost of ownership than a fully custom solution.

Petrasoft provides ongoing support and maintenance. Maintenance involves updates to the components to continuously improve functionality and provide value to the customer as software technology evolves.

Components have been developed to improve operations efficiency, increase workforce productivity, reduce lost opportunity costs and enhance data quality reliability

Task management system

A tool designed to track and execute a network of interconnected tasks that are critical to operations.


Configurable multi-display screens that collaboration rooms can show on large screens and supervisors can view on mobile devices and desktops.

Score card

Versatile data mining & look back tool for supervisors to easily track KPI and operations to quickly find opportunities.

Data analytics

Customizable expert system boosts operational competitive advantage by digitizing human expertise.

Real-time historian

Stores large volumes of historical real-time data for use by analytics and user interface.


Mobile solution with GPS capable integrated maps for the operator to record field activities and improve productivity